IT Support in the Midlands

First Floor Offices, 16 Mere Street, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4AD     Tel: 01379 652053
66 Lord Lytton Avenue, Copeswood, Coventry CV2 5JU
Tel: 07563 552617

The complete I.T. Solution

I.T. Support

Data Recovery Coventry

23UK Services is the I.T. Support arm of DataTech D.T.P.

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DataTech D.T.P. and 23UK Services offer a full I.T. Support Service to both business and personal clients throughout East Anglia and the Midlands.

From both of our centres at Diss and Coventry we offer support for Computer Systems, Servers, Internet, Web-Site and all other aspects of I.T. both in the workshop and on-site. We can normally offer a same day service.

Support is available either on an ‘as needed’ basis or by contract.

Please contact our I.T. Services Departments by e-mail at
East Anglia: or by telephone on 01379 652053
Midlands: or by telephone on 07563 552617 for more details.

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